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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CBS  December 8, 2012 7:00am-7:30am PST

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stay tuned. >> to do something this big and significant is kind of inspiring. >> a special walk-a-thon for a peninsula principal, the 8th grader who inspires classmates and adults to keep calm and live on. thanks for joining us. >> we are starting out a with patchy fog across the area. that will dissipate so we'll have mostly sunny skies with a high of 58 on average in san francisco. look at ocean beach. beautiful. it will be 3 degrees above that for this time of year. a little bit warmer than average. what a difference is week makes. we'll have the forecast but first is ann. several teenagers were found in possession of pipe bombs. that is the bomb squad detonating a large explosive in pleasant hill.
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according to witnesses, three juveniles were arrested last night after they used a pipe bomb to blow up a mailbox. witnesses gave a description of the suspects' suv which was found with another bomb inside parked in the front lot of college park high school. investigators say the juveniles admitted to only having the two pipe bombs. u.s. supreme court dives into the debate over same-sex marriage. justices have agreed to review california's prop 8. as john black stone tells us that means gay marriages are still on holiday cross the state. >> reporter: for five months in 2008 same sex couples in california could marry really. then voters passed proposition 8 banning same-sex marriage. when gay couples appealed it, it was ruled that banning same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. many supporters were hoping the supreme court would not take this case. teres stewart is san francisco's
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deputy city attorney. >> in many ways this is bad news? >> it is bad news in the sense that if the court had denied review we would have seen marriages quickly within a few days. again not only in san francisco. >> opponents say the supreme court should uphold the will of california voters defining marriage as only between a man and a woman. >> it's important to remember that still in the vast major the of states, four out of five states, the people have chosen to either vote themselves or their elected representatives to stick with traditional marriage. >> reporter: for tommy and jeff the decision is personal. they launched the challenge to prop 8 seeking the right to marry. >> sometimes the court system needs to nudge us forward to be a better more united america. >> reporter: the court could rule in a way that impacts same-sex marriage only in california and does not affect the rest of the country.
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>> movements are a mix of things. you have to kind of take the ups with the downs. >> reporter: the court will hear the marriage case in march. a decision will probably come by the end of june. john black stone, cbs news, san francisco. >> what can we expect? case has three possible outcomes. first they can say that denying marriage to any couple is unconstitutional or they could reverse the 9th circuit decision and uphold prop 8 leaving states and voters to decide on gay marriage. the final option, they can follow precedent set on a previous landmark gay rights case. >> 9th circuit tried to narrow its ruling by equating to a former decision of justice called roemer verses evan. >> in that case colorado's amendment two stripped gays and lesbians right to equal protection from discrimination. supreme court ruled in a unconstitutional as kennedy
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wrote that singling out gays and lesbians was a violation. a man hurt after world series celebration in san francisco is offering a reward of $25,000 for information leading to a conviction. sean most of it died two days after hit in the head. here are scenes from the mission district, one of the places where fans erupted in a celebration. most of it was hurt in the hate ashbury neighborhood. he told his roommate he was assaulted by five men. police investigators are still looking for possible witnesses or surveillance video. to a couple thieves in pacific coo too tired or intoxicated to make a get away. the spin drift school of performing arts was found ransacked and robbed with things like costumes and set pieces stolen. the suspects did not get far. employees found one of the thieves taking a nap in the theater. >> falling asleep at the scene of the crime isn't really the
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smartest thing to do. >> most would agree. >> a second suspect was found asleep outside in a car surrounded by stolen items. employees say thieves left empty bottles of alcohol inside the theater. the group is still missing an expensive keyboard. the group is currently working on joseph and amazing technicolor dream coat. today is a big deal for an 8 8th grader and her principal. the principal only has little time to live. how the student is trying to help one step at a time. >> charisma honey's wife and son help him battle a rare disease. but he is now feeling the love of community thanks to this 8 8th grader. >> if there was any way i could help, that would be a good idea. >> reporter: this 13 year old who has never organized a big event ever is spearheading walk-a-thon with a silent auction and ravel for her
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beloved principal. >> at her age for her to do something this big and significant is inspiring. >> reporter: may honey has joined 750 patients on the california liver transplant list. average wait is two years. he has waited eight months and could die in six months without a transplant. >> in some respects it feels more desperate. >> reporter: emma and school volunteers helped raise $60,000 for may honey trying to get a shorter list in florida his insurance doesn't cover. >> i learned a lot about how one person can make a difference. >> everyone is pulling for me. it means so much more to me than any amount of money they could come up with. >> keep calm and liver on, the walk-a-thon for charisma honey runs from 9:00 to 3:00 at burton park in san carlos. festival of lights starts
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tonight. still to come, bay area celebration that has been going for more than 30 years. >> good morning! >> hard to believe he came from juvenile hall. how a place called the hunt of boy center changed his life and made him a student rising above. >> we are off to a nice start with mostly clear skies. we'll look for temperatures to be on the chilly side but we recover to above average highs. we have the forecast and a change in the forecast mid week coming up. first though let us attend to paying a few bills. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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john mcafee from a judge in guatemala. the internet software pioneer is trying o sent back to beliz a reprieve for john mcafee from a judge in guatemala. he is trying to avoid diagram sent back to belize. a judge granted a stay of deportation. under that order he will stay in guatemala while the case is heard. that could take more than a month. two radio disk jockeys in
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australia posed as queen of england have been pulled off the air. that's after the british nurse who fell for the prank killed herself yesterday. they called the hospital where kate middleton was being treated. the nurse transferred the fake call to the ward where the duchess was recovering. formal request may go for aid. president obama wants congress to approve more than $60 billion in aid for new york, new jersey, other states. a congressman from new york confirms he expects the request to be at that level. governor comeaux is said to be pleased with the dollar amount. in the vineyards and farms of sew know may there is a place that saves lives. a school for boys troubled or hurt. >> good morning. >> reporter: that's nick on the left anchoring the hannah boys'
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center news. good grades, college bound. hard to believe this is the same kid who came from juvenile hall in 9th grade. >> i would have to describe nick as a rival here at hannah as one of a broken human. >> i was giving up. i was to the point where i was done. >> reporter: his parents were addicted to drugs. he is the toddler on the left. his parents would leave the children alone for days. one time in a motel. >> we didn't have money. we had video games which kind of kept us busy. >> reporter: what did you do for food? >> we didn't have any food. >> reporter: they moved every few months. then one day their parents took them to their grandparents in oak ridge. >> they dropped us off and said they would be back and they never came back. they left all four of us up there. >> reporter: they became wards of the court. two foster homes. then in their third placement,
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nick was in and out of juvenile hall. his sister and brother ran away. >> there were times when i was at home when i washed i was in juvenile hall because i ended up making friends in juvenile hall. >> reporter: he came to hannah, his intake photo says it all. >> he was very difficult to work with because i don't think he had any trust. >> i was in fights. i was suspended. >> arguments were everyday and multiple times throughout the day. >> reporter: one day something clicked. it was after another argument with the supervisor of the cottage. >> i ended up apologizing to her the next morning. she talked to me and told me obviously things will need to change if i wanted to stay. >> almost like a light bulb moment. after that it was just remarkable. >> it felt like it was literally overnight. one day you had a kid getting kicked out of three or four classes a day. the next day you had a kid who was trying really hard to be a
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stand out student. >> i decided i was going do something successful with my life. i wanted to lead my life rather than let it lead me. >> reporter: nick began to learn how to connect with people and slowly how to trust. >> i knew he had to care. i saw it there. >> they had all told me oh, nick you're changing. you're doing really great. >> reporter: he is even on the school basketball team now. but even with the support here at hannah, it's not easy for a kid with no parents. >> over the past few holidays he has had nowhere to go but to be stuck at hannah. >> having hannah be his home and still want to try and put his absolute best foot forward each and everyday. >> it feels really good. now it's like when i get a b i am upset about it like why do i have a b? i want an a in the class. >> before we go, this is the jay
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bulletin. see you next time. >> if you would like to help nick and kids like him go to college go to studentsrising to find out how. it will be a nice weekend. different than last saturday. >> last weekend was flood warnings. today it is sunscreen. we have some clouds and some fog around concord. clear skies as well. we are starting out with a mix. if you are headed toward central valley you will have dense fog advisories. for here you can see low overcast in the south bay. what we expect is sun to come out later in the day. concord has 44, oakland 50. liver more has 42, san francisco 52. to the bay bridge it is showing mostly clear skies.
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some high clouds will be spilling in later in the afternoon. other than that it looks okay. next rain is in the bay area wednesday. high pressure has reestablished itself over the west coast. as a result all the energy in the pacific is going over the top of the high and settling into idaho. from the bay area we'll get mostly sunny skies. if you are heading out expect the fog. temperatures will be in the mid 60s in sacramento and 59 at fresno. up north mostly sunny skies. if you are heading out of sfo monday it looks mostly sunny. northwest earlies will kick up. rain in new york. otherwise denver, chicago, la look okay as do we. in the bay area numbers will be 3 degrees above average in the low to mid 60s under mostly sunny skies until this afternoon. let's go with the sunshine theme. sunny skies through tuesday. on wednesday we increase the clouds to get a few showers. then the rest of the week, later
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half of the week looks like variable clouds and a few showers for wednesday, thursday, friday. not a big deal. it will be cooler and wet starting on wednesday. in the meantime have a great saturday. >> good weekend to do holiday shopping. >> i would think so. >> hard to carry bags and an umbrella. thanks. warriors on the road in brooklyn. next in sports the boys in blue taking down the net. >> let's take a trip down candy lane. this house puts on quite a light show thanks to the lights of the you can e-mail your photos to we'll be right back.
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it's a healthy alternative o starchy foods like rice. her a lesson on the gr do you know what pharaoh is? i didn't. it's a healthy alternative to starchy foods like rice. a lesson on the grain from tony. >> stephanie, are we ready? >> we are ready. >> this is an italian grain packed with protein, fiber, iron. it's so good for you. it is being rediscovered all over italy and north america. >> you made this butter sauce with what you saute'ed the mushrooms. >> you wipe it down a bit but then you leave it in the remnants right there. >> we boil about 15 minutes. what's in the butter sauce? >> butter, water, oregano.
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be careful when you make a butter sauce not to make too much because you don't want any left over in the pan when you are done. >> okay. we'll put this over some kale. look how pretty that is. we'll take some parmesan cheese right on top. we'll finish it off with a little bit of olive oil. >> give it some shine. >> look at how beautiful. >> steph. >> beautiful plate. >> love that. oh, get the forks. >> tonight there will be outdoor lighting in san francisco on the first night of hanukkah. the lighting ceremony has been happening in union square each december for the past 37 years. tonight's lighting happens at 5:00. that will continue for seven more nights. there is another lighting of the minora happening at 6:00 in gear
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deli square. in sports, a star pitcher who suffered a injury with a's has signed with another team. >> reporter: good morning. how about nba for you? mark jackson, brooklyn native at home, warriors, nets, joe johnson, brooklyn up 13. here come warriors. clay thompson for ws, free ball. warriors up by 3 and kept on coming. curry, fantastic. 28 points. tied at 70. late in the game david lee gets open. he had a team high of 30. warriors closing in. there is the dagger on the inside. the nice pass. green. 109-102 the final. mccarthy yesterday agreed to a two year $15.5 million deal with arizona. there is the lasting image you oakland a's fans saw with him
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getting hit in the head in september. he had the skull fracture. 17 and 15, era of 3.29. with the a's he will be reunited with kay hill, another former a. he goes back to his native phoenix scottish dale area, brandon mccarthy no longer wearing green and gold for the oakland a's. have a great saturday afternoon. cbs5 at 5:30 and 6:30 will be straight ahead with me a little bit later on. one last look at our top stories that includes high court jumping into the debate over same-sex marriage. we'll be right back. ne ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is just one of 20 homen the area using up to 150 check out this festive home, just one of 20 homes in the area using about 150,000 lights. thanks for the picture. you can e-mail your photos to us at a bomb squad detonated a large explosive device in pleasant
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hill. teens were arrested after finding a pipe bomb to blow up a mailbox. >> u.s. supreme court will take up california's prop 8 which was ruled unconstitutional by an appeals court. court's decision means gay marriages are on hold and we could get a decision next summer summer. tomorrow on eyewitness news this morning, debate over tasers in san francisco. >> have you ever been tased? >> i have. when he was mayor we looked at it ten years ago. i volunteered. it works. >> what may be first fight for democratic simple majority in sacramento, changing prop 15. starting at 7:30 tomorrow morning right here on cbs5. it looks like it will be a nice morning at that point. >> think so. the weekend looks good. the numbers will be warmer than they are this time of year with
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readings in the low 60s. sun is already touching spires out there. forecast highs will be in low to mid 60s. san francisco hits a high of 64. we show a little bit rain by tuesday or wednesday. a lot of people are looking for the perfect toy for christmas. how about the worst toy? fisher price activity monkey has been named the worst toy of 2012. it's at the top of the list put out by the campaign for a commercial free childhood. the group apparently has a problem with the smart phone belly in the monkey. it's supposed to teach hands eye coordination to kids as young as six months. pediatricians recommend that kids under two stay away from screens. so not down with the monkey. >> i am still working on my hand eye appropriation. >> okay. it would be appropriate for you. having trouble find tag unique gift? here is something no one else
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will have. 7-foot tall dinosaur leg. 65 million year old fossil on the auction block. the owner will donate a portion to help homeless and at risk people. the silent auction runs for another two weeks. thanks for joining us. enjoy the rest of your saturday. ,,,,,,,,
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